[CF Devotionals] 2015-10-02 - Funny How That Works

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It’s funny how God works. Last week, I planned on preparing a devotional on John 11, because I had to study it for a class I’m taking, and it has some really good stuff in it. This week, I prepared what I felt was a mediocre message on it, and then it fell apart in class, as God revealed some additional stuff to me through the class on John 11. I didn’t feel right about trying to tack on the parts without additional study, as I strive to speak well and truthfully when I speak about scripture, and wanted to use it as my mid-week sermon and devotional. So there I was without a devotional, and without a message for my Wednesday sermon. Did I mention it was early Wednesday morning?

Then I remembered an idea I had on the back burner for about a year, that seemed to fit with another idea I have been wanting to do for a couple months, and they just fit together like great bookends. And then my studies came upon a passage from Psalms. Well, in all of this, my time to actually write a devotional expired, and I still had nothing - so I was going to hop on to my e-mail, to send the CF Devotionals editor a message begging for forgiveness, and asking for a replacement devotional to send, instead. But there, in my inbox, was an item that dovetailed beautifully with the idea I have been working on.

And the message was completed, but once again, so was my reliance on God. There are some who’d say these things were coincidence. But I say that coincidence gets too much credit for the work God does behind the scenes, and so today, I choose to praise him for using all the chaos of life, to bring order.

Thank you, Jesus, for taking broken things and transforming them. And that is why you are God, and I am not. Amen!


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All scripture references from KJV (King James Version) unless otherwise noted

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