[CF Devotionals] 2015-09-28 - What Would Jehoshaphat Say?

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2 Chronicles 20:1-30

But you will not need to fight! Take your places; stand quietly, and see the incredible rescue operation God will perform for you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem! Don’t be afraid or discouraged! Go out there tomorrow, for the Lord is with you! (2 Chronicles 20:17 TLC)

Jahaziol, son of Zechariah, spoke mighty words, and I believe the words spoken are from the Lord. We were not to be fearful or discouraged, for the battle's not ours - but God's. We're to march against our enemies and take our position against them. Once we stand firm, we'll see God deliver us. We all fell in worship before the Lord, after hearing these mind-blowing and encouraging words. The next day, I appointed men to sing praises to the Lord, as we went to confront our enemies, the Lord set ambushes, and our attackers were defeated. Just as Jahaziol said it would, it happened. Amazing. We returned home happy and joyous. I went to God's temple, to celebrate how good the Lord is.When other lands heard our story, no one wanted to mess with us. I love being content and at peace, knowing there are friends surrounding us at all sides. It makes my job easier.

God, I will wait on You. In Jesus' name, Amen

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