[CF Devotionals] 2015-09-01 - The Ninth Commandment


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The Shepherd-Boy and the Wolf

A Nation of Priests, A Holy People ~ Continued

  1. You Shall Not Give False Testimony – vs. 16
    1. The call to Honesty
    2. What are the Dangers of Lying?
    3. How do we Really Practice True Honesty?

We have reached the Ninth Commandment. It is a command against lying. The more general principle, on which we have been focusing, is the importance of taking sin seriously. We must recognize our commitment to obedience is grounded in the desire not to grieve God, but rather to please Him. We have seen that as we love Him, and others, the natural result is that we avoid breaking the negative commandments, and that we simultaneously apply ourselves to keeping them in a positive way. As we examine this command, I think we will find it is one that most often falls victim to "situational ethics."

To be Continued.

Pastor Geoff Kragen

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