[Calvary Chapel] 2015-05-28 - Hope as the Light Dims

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John 1:5 The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

The world is searching for hope.

They look to experiences, and things to fill the emptiness - and it does for a time. The news fills with trouble in many places from earthquakes to wars and hope dims a little more. Some say the pieces are moving on the global chessboard setting up the end of days. Perhaps so, but impossible to say with certainty. Only God knows.

We have seen the light wax and wain. We are told to be ready. Are we ready? Or are we being distracted by every sideshow the culture presents? How much of what we see is purely meaningless chaff?

In John 8:12 Jesus calls Himself "the Light of the world" and says anyone who follows Him will "have the Light of life." In Matthew 5:14 Jesus gives the same title - the light of the world - to those listening.

We have the hope the world is looking to find. The love of Christ for every hurting heart and His forgiveness freely given to anyone who will ask. Jesus came to tell the world about God's love for us. Then He left that task to us. (Matt 15:6-10)

In Revelation 18:23 we are told that at some point the voice of the bridegroom (Jesus) and the bride (the church) will no longer be heard in Babylon which represents the world system as it is destroyed under God's judgment. Christianity is a light in a darkening place, and yet is less tolerated by many. They want their ears tickled (2 Timothy 4:3) not knowing what they really want or need.

Until that time we are the light of the world imitating and representing Christ to the world. Live so that people with questions will come to you for answers and glorify God when the answer sets them free - just like the answers you were given set you, who name Jesus as your Savior, free.


Matthew 10:27 What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

Grace & Peace,

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All verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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