[CF Devotionals] 2014-12-19 - What Would Jacob say?

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Genesis 24:1-60, 27:1-28:5, 29:18-28, 34:5-31

Rebekah: “Let his curses be on me, dear son. Just do what I tell you. Go out and get the goats.” (Genesis 27:13 TLB)

I certainly have no room to cast judgement, but I wonder what is wrong with my family. My mother and her brother, my uncle are liars and deceivers. You may say I fall into that category too. It wasn't always this way.

My uncle Laban was welcoming and trusting when my mom Rebekah left to be married. He did not stand in her way or come up with a plan to make her stay at home.

My mother had enough faith to leave her family in order to marry a stranger. What happened to that faith? She certainly didn't have it in regard to my future. My mom came up with a plan to trick my older brother out of his blessing from Dad so Dad would give me the blessing instead. Mom and I carried out the scheme and Dad blessed me, but when the truth was revealed, I had to leave home to escape my older brother Esau's wrath.

Unfortunately it looks like this scheming behavior is trickling down to some of my sons. When will it end? I pray God will break this cycle and let our family rise above deception. May I be bold enough to help rid the evil for good. Such horror has plagued my family for too long.

Lord, Protect my family and the generations that follow. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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