[CF Devotionals] 2014-03-09 - Here’s the News

Ruth ~ Part 27

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Ruth 2:19-20

When Ruth arrives with the fruits of her day’s work, Naomi can’t help but be amazed. She is very aware that they have been blessed by the generosity of the owner of the field. She calls God’s blessing on the unnamed benefactor. She also sees this as a result of his reaction to Ruth.

But Ruth’s news is even more surprising. The owner of the field is Boaz. And, Boaz is a relative, a kinsman-redeemer. Naomi calls down a second blessing from the Lord on Boaz. She also acknowledges that it is God who has not forgotten them and her dead family. Where previously she had seen God as the One who had brought nothing but judgment, now she credits Him with blessing them through Boaz. Naomi, too, is being impacted by God’s works. And she clearly recognizes this.

To be continued.

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