[CF Devotionals] 2014-03-02 - The Redemption of Mankind

Ruth ~ Part 26

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Ruth 2:19-20

Much of the story of Pilgrim’s Progress is the story of God’s redemption of man. Consider the words of Great Heart to Christian.

“ … in order to pardon by deed, there must something be paid to God as a price, as well as something prepared to cover us withal. Sin has delivered us up to the just curse of a righteous law; now from this curse we must be justified by way of redemption, a price being paid for the harms we have done; and this is by the blood of your Lord, who came and stood in your place and stead, and died your death for your transgressions. Thus has he ransomed you from your transgressions by blood, and covered your polluted and deformed souls with righteousness, (Romans 8:34); for the sake of which, God passeth by you, and will not hurt you when he comes to judge the world. (Galatians 3:13.)

Redemption, while a basic hope of the human race, yet often is rejected by the rebellious human heart. It is the promise of redemption that is hinted at in Ruth, with the picture of the Kinsman Redeemer. But first …

When we last left Ruth, she had arrived back at her home. She brought to Naomi enough barley to last several weeks. Additionally, she had a “doggy bag” from lunch. God had been working in the heart of Boaz, although Ruth didn’t realize it yet. And as for Naomi, well that’s where we pick up in this lesson.

Ruth is about to find out just why it is so important that she has connected up with Boaz. But there is something even more important going on, than either woman realizes. And there is even more at stake than the future birth of King David.

In this section of scripture, God provides a picture of one of the most important truths of all scripture, and that is the role of the “Kinsman-Redeemer.” It is that picture, and its fulfillment, which will be the focus of this lesson.

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