[CF Devotionals] 2014-02-11 - Walking on Ice

Ice Storm Lessons, Part 1
Originally Published 2011-01-22

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Author's Note: With another ice storm approaching Atlanta and environs, expected to bring widespread power outages, I thought the timing was apropos, to republish this devotional from January 2011.

As did much of the United States, our area recently had an ice storm that left up to a couple inches of ice on roads, driveways, yards and the like. Through the years (and this week, too), we have seen enough videos of cars from the Northeastern US, sliding into each other to know that it would be smart for everyone to stay off the ice unless necessary; as law enforcement says consistently, no one should be driving on ice. In fact, even the Department of Transportation trucks (and the city of Atlanta alone has 59) couldn't get the equipment to penetrate all the way through the thickness of ice. The smart thing was to just stay put, as much as possible.

But when we did have to walk on the ice, I discovered something that I found interesting; even with good, tractioned snow boots, it was easier for me to walk on the ice in our yard and our church's yard, than it was on the ice that had accumulated on sidewalks, driveways and roads. The foundation under the grass was somehow protective, flexible - and easier to navigate. I would have guessed that the opposite would be true, that the solid surface would be safer. But I found that on the foundation of the yards, I had agility, and I didn't slip a single time.

That reminds me of our Christian walk. If we have the best foundation, we can navigate anything that life throws at us, from temptation to life's upheavals.

Remember, there is only one foundation, the one already laid: Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11, The Message, NavPress © 2003)

And how do we acquire this steady foundation? Naturally the first step is to have and profess a saving faith in Christ. After that, our lives should regularly include time spent reading God's word, fellowshipping with other Christians, serving in a local church – and most importantly – living a life that is bathed in prayer. Of course, that prayer needs to be done with our eyes open, when doing anything that could affect people's safety!

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All scripture references are from the NASB unless otherwise noted.

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