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The Disciple Series ~ Part 11

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One of Jesus' Disciples is called by two names. Thaddeus is the Disciple found in Matthew and Mark. Judas, son of James, is the name that is used in Luke, John and Acts. Little is known about Thaddeus. His hometown, occupation, and calling to follow Jesus are not found in the Scriptures.

Besides being mentioned briefly in the lists of Disciples, the only recorded words of Thaddeus are found in John 14:22, when he asks Jesus about revealing Himself to the world, saying, "But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?" (NIV) Thaddeus expected Jesus to publicly and dramatically announce Himself to the world as the Messiah. Jesus then taught the Disciples how love and obedience are important, and that He would send the Holy Spirit to teach, guide and direct them.

After Jesus' Ascension, Thaddeus founded a church in Edessa, a town in upper Mesopotamia, which is now northeastern Turkey. Most scholars believe that he wrote the short Biblical book of Jude, although some Biblical authorities hold that Judas, brother of Jesus, wrote this book. Thaddeus was later crucified at his church in Edessa for spreading the Gospel.

Like several other little-known Disciples, Thaddeus receives scant mention in the Gospels. Nonetheless, Thaddeus followed Jesus and observed Him heal the sick, cure the blind, and bring the dead back to life. He observed Jesus' love and compassion for others. Thaddeus spread this Good News of Jesus to people in another land, and died as a result of his faith.

Series to be continued.

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