[CF Devotionals] 2013-11-30 - The Disciple Named Simon the Zealot

The Disciple Series ~ Part 10

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Little is known about Jesus' Disciple named Simon the Zealot. His name has two possible meanings. First, Simon could have been called a zealot because of his religious fervor, enthusiasm or zeal. The second possible origin of Simon's name is that he was a member of the party of Zealots, which was a revolutionary Jewish group opposed to Roman rule. In some versions of the Bible (KJV and NKJV), this Disciple is called Simon the Canaanite, which identifies his country of birth. Simon the Zealot's occupation is unknown.

We don't know when Jesus called him to service. So little is known about Simon the Zealot, that he is often called "The Mystery Disciple." In the Bible, he is only listed in the lists of Disciples. What we do know is that Jesus had a purpose for calling Simon the Zealot, and that Simon followed Jesus all the way to the Cross. After Jesus' Ascension into Heaven, Simon the Zealot traveled to Egypt and Persia as a missionary, and died in Persia, which is modern-day Iran.

What can we learn from Simon the Zealot? Like Simon, we have been called to follow Jesus. Our service for Christ may go unnoticed and unmentioned. We may go to distant lands to spread the Gospel, or we may do it in our own neighborhoods. Whatever we do for Jesus, we should do it with zeal.

Series to be continued.

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