[CF Devotionals] 2013-11-23 - The Second James

The Disciple Series ~ Part 9

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Two men by the name of James are found in the lists of the Disciples of Jesus. Earlier, we considered James, the son of Zebedee, who was part of Jesus' inner circle. Along with Peter and John, that man named James was mentioned at several important events in the ministry of Jesus. James, son of Zebedee, is sometimes referred to as James the Greater, to differentiate him from the second James. But today, we will consider the other James.

The second James is referred to by several terms, too. Several of them are James the Lesser, the Younger James, or the Little James. This James is also called James the son of Alphaeus. His hometown and occupation are unknown. We have no information about how Jesus called this James to follow Him. The second James is not distinguished from the other Disciples, as he is only mentioned in lists of the Disciples. After Jesus' death and Resurrection, James preached the Gospel in Egypt, where he was crucified as a martyr.

What can we learn from "James the Lesser?" He left everything behind, to follow Jesus, and he stayed with Jesus until the end. Perhaps James was the strong, silent type who performed his role with quiet efficiency. Maybe he did not want the limelight. There are many in our churches and society today who are like James. They go about their duties with diligence and devotion. Their rewards are found in their service to God, church, nation, and family. Like James, we don't have to be well-known, to be a Disciple of Jesus.

Series to be continued.

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