[CF Devotionals] 2013-07-23 - Made New

One day at the end of last week, I was cleaning up in the garage. You know that time when things are just too cluttered to stand any more, so you finally go through and toss things away, rearrange and organize. It was in this process that I found several pieces of different wind chimes, that I'd had over the past several years, that had fallen apart. I kept the pieces of metal and wood, in hopes of putting them back together. I never put them back together as they had been originally, but got the idea last night to take the different chimes and put them together in a new wind chime of my own. I noticed that many chimes are made with very inexpensive and erosive materials that are conducive to falling apart rather quickly. So I took some fishing line to hang them and a Frisbee the kids had gotten from school choir, to use for the top connector, and began to piece it together. After about three hours of thinking, making holes, tying lines and positioning pieces - I then had a "new" wind chime. I think I kept the integrity of the original pieces, and hopefully it stays together for some years to come.

This morning I was thinking, then, of how a wind chime being put back together and "made new" is exactly what our Father in Heaven did for us by sending his son, Jesus. He gave us guidelines for getting to know him, and when that didn't work out, He took our broken pieces and put us back together, and made us into a valuable and beautiful piece of artwork for his glory. We may not always feel like a perfectly polished piece, but in the end we will be, when we allow Him to be the one to hold us together. I know, personally, that I need Him to do so for me. And I know when He's my strength, it will be lasting. How about you?


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