[CF Devotionals] 2013-06-16 - Don't Run Ahead of Christ's Teaching

2 John ~ Part 9

Verse 9: Our daily relationship with God is dependent on our holding fast to the truth He has given us. This is what is referred to as abiding. We will not see God working in our lives if we are not functioning in His truth. John isn't referring to an eternal relationship, which is based on the work of the cross. He is talking about our walk. We know this because he is writing to believers.

John is warning about those that run ahead of the teaching of Christ. This is somewhat unclear but Stott identifies the concept this way:

"They had indeed `gone ahead'. They had advanced so far that they had left God behind them!"

"Many want God without Jesus Christ. They say they believe in God, but see no necessity for Jesus." 1

Verse 10: Now the specific problem that John was concerned with had to do with the practice of hospitality. How does the requirement for hospitality fit into all this? During this period Christian teachers traveled from area to area. The local believers would put them up while they were in the area. This was appropriate, but John didn't want the local believers to mistakenly take in the false prophets, whose primary concern was taking in believers.

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To be continued.

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