[CF Devotionals] 2013-05-28 - Memorial Day

Originally Published 2010-06-01

The poem presented below is by an anonymous prisoner of war during World War II.

Since Bible times and before, men and women have honorably served their Lord and fellowman, in Christlike sacrificial service - in both peacetime and in wars, I hope everyone will join me in saying a prayer of thanks and asking protection, for all who have ever served - and still do - to secure and protect freedom for people around the world, not to mention rendering medical aid even when it's unrelated to war wounds etc.

The poem, written under inhumane treatment in an uncivilized prisoner of war camp:

A soldier is a nobody, we hear lots of people say.
He is the outcast of the world and always in the way.
We admit there are bad ones from the Army to the Marines,
but the majority you will find, the most worthy ever seen.

Most people condemn the soldier when he stops to take a drink or two,
but does a soldier condemn you, when you stop to take a few.
Now don't scorn the soldier but clasp him by the hand,
for the uniform he wears means protection to our land.

The goverment picks its soldier from the million far and wide,
so please place him as your equal good buddies side by side.
When a soldier goes to battle you cheer him on the way,
you say he is a hero when in the ground he lay.

But the hardest battle of the soldier is in the time of peace,
when all mock and scorn him and treat him like a beast.
With these few lines we close sir, we hope we don't offend
but when you meet a soldier just treat him like a friend.

"Author Unknown"
Allied soldier in a Philippines Prisoner of War camp


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