[CF Devotionals] 2013-05-21 - Prayers for Oklahoma

The Lord had given me a devotional idea last week, but I believe I am to put it aside for now, in honor and memory of those in Oklahoma who have been devastated and killed by the tornado. What can we say? There are no adequate words. We long to do something, and while for most of us, the opportunity for response is limited, we can do the most important thing. We can pray. Also if able, we can give money to the trusted organizations that will be helping in person, such as your church denomination's disaster arms. Or you can give to the Red Cross, which is the organization that serves the meals which the church denominations work so hard to prepare. Please don't give "in-kind" goods such as food or clothing right now, unless specifically asked to. In such a chaotic environment, it's best to give financially, and allow the experienced organizations to work with local authorities.

If you are in Oklahoma, please know that our hearts are breaking with you, and that you are in our thoughts and prayers continuously.


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