[CF Devotionals[ 2013-05-18 - Mountain Thoughts

So I was looking up at the beautiful mountain near our home, as I mowed the dogs' section of grass today. I always love to watch the greens that are added to the mountain around the evergreens. A variety of shades of lighter greens begin at the bottom of the mountain, and slowly, over periods of a couple of weeks, maybe three, climb back to the top of the mountain for another Spring and Summer season. As I looked at this today, I was thinking maybe I should take a picture to remember the process. Then immediately I thought about the fact that the photo will look pretty good, but it won't look as good as what I can see with my eyes. Over the years, I have tried to capture some of the beauty I have seen, only to feel somewhat disappointed by the pictures on some level. I know it's not possible to replicate it, but sometimes the moments are still worth the attempt.

Why is it we keep trying to capture all these moments? One reason is the beauty, and we want to remember. Another is special moments with people we love, because we want to share them and savor them. Sometimes people capture moments that they want to use against others. Sometimes we just have fun sharing those moments, taking photos of the beauty we see. I go nuts, if I see a different bird that I haven't taken a clear picture of - or even seen before -in this area.

So why some aren't pictures ever as good as the eye sees them? For me, it's like this. God is the artist everywhere I look. He's doing a painting on that mountain. I can take pictures of it and do a painting. It will never look exactly the same as how He painted it for us. But it's fine to try, and maybe He's even flattered I want to paint it. But it will never look exactly the same each year, anyway. It may come in more quickly or slowly, or we may have a dry winter that changes the colors. And my guess is He wants us to actually look at it and enjoy it while it's happening, instead of just trying to take pictures that are perfect all the time. Then we have no need to really look again. But some people aren't as drawn to nature as I am.

However, other things that interest us change all the time, too. So we need to enjoy the moment. We can capture every second of our lives in photos, on video, and many other ways. But sometimes we can get too focused on capturing something that never really belonged to us in the first place, and we miss the joy of just "being in the moment". So some nights, I just stand and stare when I walk outside and the sun is going down, just as I kept glancing at the trees replenishing their leaves a little more on the mountain. I just stare. Or sunrise and I am out back and stop and watch for those 2-3 minutes, as it gloriously streaks amber and fuchsia up through the clouds over Read Mountain.

How rushed are we in our lives, that we can't just stop and watch the beauty of a sunset or sunrise? When I have the power to rewind the sun and see what I missed, then I should think I am so important. I have no power, no control; I do not breathe in the morning without the power of my maker, my father in Heaven. But with Him, I have everything - so when he shows me things he knows will bring me joy - I stop, look and listen. However He might speak to you, consider being open to doing the same.


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