[CF Devotionals] 2013-05-15 - What Would Solomon Say?

Ecclesiastes 12:1-13

Remember your Creator while you are young, before the days of trouble come, and the years when you will say, "I find no pleasure in them." (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Here is my two cents' worth. Remember to honor God while you are still young. Things may seem fun now, until you spot that first white hair. Trust my words, for I speak with authority. Remember God now; don't wait until you are older, to learn and forge a relationship with Him. I do not mean to alarm you. I just urge you not to take one day for granted.

Once old age sets in, your eyesight deteriorates, your memory isn't as sharp, bones are brittle, and you use false teeth. Your body wakes you up early, and your hearing has failed, so you aren't able to hear the birds as they sing. As you age, you may have a newfound fear of heights and falling. You may be tempted to take a walk, but the dangerous streets lure you away from the idea. It seems death is knocking at your door. See what you have to look forward to? There is a positive side to aging, though. It reminds you and me to respect and worship the Lord.

Lord, Thank You for creating me. May I enjoy this life on Earth to the fullest, and let obedience in You be my guide. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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