[CF Devotionals] 2013-03-12 - RIP Giuseppi's

Ephesians 5:16 (Message) Make the most of every chance you get.

In recent years, all our special occasion dinners - birthdays, anniversaries etc. have been spent at our all-time favorite restaurant, Giuseppi's of Macon Georgia. The food was scrumptious, the service was attentive but not imposing, and the ambience was great. As I type these words, they sound a bit illogical to me now, but because of how very special the restaurant was to us, we always "saved" it for special occasions.

Consequently, when Richard recently celebrated a birthday, we were both eagerly looking forward to the special treat of eating the best Italian food we have ever found anywhere, in 34 states - at Giuseppi's of Macon. Imagine our shock, when we found out that they had recently closed! Waves of regret rushed over us. This place so dear to us, where we celebrated the most meaningful moments of our lives, was gone forever. Why didn't we go there more often, even every week? Why didn't we take advantage of every opportunity to eat there?

This experience reminded me of so many aspects of our lives. We save the "fine china" for special occasions - when we need to celebrate every single day with our loved ones. We put off going on a trip with our families, until things are less busy - not knowing what tomorrow may bring, or how many more "tomorrows" there are. We let our priorities get out of kilter, when every single day should be lived as if it were our last one on Earth - as it very well may be. Are you living your life with values and priorities that reflect eternity? Are you soaking up every second of your Earthly life, and using every opportunity to share God's love and your love with others?

I hope we can all learn from the demise of Giuseppi's (and please pray that all the terrific staff will find rewarding employment).