[CF Devotionals] 2013-02-25 - What Would Moses Say?

Numbers 20:1-12, Deuteronomy 3:28, 31:2-3, 32:48-53, 33:1, 34:1-8

I, Moses, died on a mountain. At 120 years old, I left the Earthly life. For a man my age, I had great eyesight and was full of pep. My death wasn't due to an accident or an illness; it was because of frustration and anger.

God told me to do something one way, and I did it my way instead. Even a prophet is vulnerable to giving into his feelings. I led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, guided them to their next destination, educated the people regarding God's laws, and interceded for them. Wandering in the wilderness brought out the people's complaining streak and ungrateful attitude. I had enough.

We were in need of water. God told me to talk to a certain rock, and water would come out. You may question talking to a rock, or even water flowing from one, but we had witnessed God making the natural supernatural, with His great power, many times. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord.

I let the people's constant whining and negativity finally get to me. Instead of following the Lord's specific instructions, I raised my hand and hit the rock twice with my staff, and water poured out. Even in my disobedience, God supplied our needs.

Immediately, God told me that He knew what I did, and my punishment was death. In hindsight, I should have shared my frustrations with the Lord, instead of taking them out on some defenseless, inanimate object.

The sentence may seem harsh, but when you walk with God, and others depend on you for His wisdom and guidance, it is imperative to obey, in order to hear from the Lord. I should have listened to the Lord, and given Him praise and honor for being our provider.

I didn't realize my humanity would cause my premature death. I was disobedient, and did not treat the Lord with respect, as I should. My actions meant no entrance into the Promised Land. I was able to see it with my own eyes, though, and for that I am grateful.

While it is disappointing to come close, and yet still far from the goal, the Lord developed talents and traits I never knew existed in me.

Before my demise, I blessed the people. I died on Mount Nebo in Moab, and the people mourned my passing - as was customary. Joshua led the Israelites to their rich and bountiful land. My body was buried in a valley, but no one knows exactly where. That is fine, as it is just a holding place for dust and bones.

My soul went up to be with the Lord.

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