[CF Devotionals] 2012-12-30 - Demonstrating God's Love Toward Others

The Epistles of John ~ Part 84 ~ 1 John 4

Understanding God's love of us, as the model of love, what are some practical ways we can demonstrate this love towards others? First we need to start by understanding just how important it is that we express this love. Stott put it this way:

"God's love, which originates in Himself and was manifested in His Son, is perfected in His people. It is `brought to perfection within us' (NEB). God's love for us is perfected only when it is reproduced in us or (as it may mean) `among us' in the Christian fellowship." 1

As believers, we are to be the manifestation of God's love before a fallen world. What are some of the ways you have or can live out this love?

There are many practical ways we can show God's love. Husbands can love wives. Parents can love children, and visa versa. This means we have to put aside selfishness, "me first" living. Instead, in consideration of all the Lord has done for us, we need to consider how we can care for others. Agapé means being willing to be inconvenienced for the needs of others, within our family, within our church. Actually, the word "inconvenience" is not adequate. A better word is sacrifice. God treated us sacrificially; we need to treat ours accordingly.

To be continued.

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