[CF Devotionals] 2012-09-05 - Love Is

The Epistles of John ~ Part 59 ~ 1 John

Love is …: But it isn't enough to not hate your brother. Remember, while hatred is proof of unrighteousness, its absence isn't proof of righteousness. What is proof of relationship with God? Love for a brother is a demonstration of God's presence in your life. Give an example of how you can demonstrate God's love in your life.

John gives some specific examples of how to care for one another. First he shows us the ultimate example of godly love. Christ laid down His life for us. He gave up everything, to restore us to fellowship with the Father. And that is to be the primary motivation behind our walk. We are to help others come to a saving knowledge of Christ. And then, we must come alongside and help them grow in that relationship.

But caring for one another, brothers and sisters, means much more than that. It means that we need to do what we are able, to help with spiritual, emotional and physical needs. The specific example John gives, is the having of material possessions and sharing them with another brother who is in need.

To be continued.

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