[CF Devotionals] 2012-08-16 - What If?

Life is full of these types of questions. What if I had taken that other job would I be richer? What if I exercised a few times each week would I be in better shape? What if I spent more time with my children growing up, would they love me more now? What if I actually picked up my Bible and read it during the week would I be closer to God?

You and I all ask ourselves these types of questions. Sometimes they are questions of regret; other times they are questions we ask to challenge ourselves.

Today I want to challenge each of you and myself with a few what if questions. Let's call it the What-If Challenge.

  • What if I read my Bible 10 minutes more each day?
  • What if I quietly reflected on what I read and expectantly waited for God to speak directly to me for 10 minutes?
  • What if I prayed 10 minutes more a day?
  • What if I shared my experience from this 30 minutes with that least one other person just once a week if not more?
  • What if I tithed and actually gave 10% or more of my money to my local church?
  • If I did all these things how would my life be different in a week? In a month?

If you do this will you turn your world upside down like the men in Acts 17? If you take this challenge let me hear how it goes. If you have some what if ideas of your own I'd love to hear those as well.


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All scripture references from KJV unless otherwise noted.