[CF Devotionals] 2012-08-07 - Christians in Today's Society

The Epistles of John ~ Part 53 ~ 1 John

Believers, at least in the United States, have not really understood the concept of being hated because of the Lord's work. For many years, it had been socially acceptable to be part of Christendom. And while many of those involved in local churches were probably not believers, at least it was considered of value to be attending a church in the community.

But it appears that this general acceptance is waning. And while this isn't comfortable; nevertheless it is a good thing. Society becomes more liberal, actually morally degenerate. Consequently those who truly desire to be obedient are standing against society's values.

This stand isn't just taken against issues like abortion, pornography, and euthanasia. For example, Christians are fighting against the values clarification programs in schools. Believers are trying to be obedient to the Lord, and to be the salt and light within society.

As a result, believers and social engineers are drawing further and further apart. Christians are being perceived as impediments to what these people want to do in the culture. And, I hope that we are. We constantly remind people of God's definition of family, or morality, of the appropriate way to raise children, and to live sexually. We are reminders that God has absolute standards, which is what they hate most of all, for society in general no longer accepts absolutes. In fact, most of what we stand for is in direct opposition to how people want to live. I guess we better get ready to duck.

And society is fighting back. Children are attacked for trying to present their Christian views. The laws are being used to try to tax, attack and make ineffective the work of the church and Christians. And frequently, even society recognizes the difference between those who call themselves Christians while, as the false teachers of John's day, living anyway they want, and those committed to biblical orthodoxy. It is those, us I hope, that they truly do hate. The unrighteous correctly perceive the committed Christian as a threat to the society they are trying to create. And they will do anything they can do to make us impotent.

It isn't religion they hate. Look at the acceptance of other views. But Christianity? No way. Allegedly, it is bigoted, self-righteous and elitist. Christians must be forced to make their sacrifices to the gods of this age. Then they can be allowed to be part of society, as second-class citizens.

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