[CF Devotionals] 2012-07-24 - Your Solar System

As most of us learned in elementary school Science Class, the solar system that Earth is part of, consists of the enormous, brilliant Sun - and the eight planets that orbit it (There were formerly nine, but Pluto was recently "demoted."). Everything literally revolves around our Sun. (I say "our Sun" because there are many other "suns" in God's universe, which we can appreciate even more now, with the abundant scientific information wonderful telescopes available.) Our Sun is grander, in most every way, than the planets that move around it. Its diameter is over 100 times that of Earth. And mass-wise, our Sun's mass is actually over 300,000 that of Earth's. It's greater than anything we can imagine.

Likewise, God is greater than anyone or anything we can imagine. As Isaiah 55:9 (NIV) reminds us:

"As the heavens are higher than the Earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts."

And likewise, God is the Sun in our spiritual solar system - or should be. All the "planets" of our life - time usage, relationships, spending habits etc. should revolve around Him. It's been said that if you look at someone's checkbook register or credit card bill, you can see their priorities. Of course, in this horrible economy, that might be a little skewed. But I think the basic principle is sound. What would your checkbook or credit/debit card say about your life? What percentage is given to a local church for God's kingdom? What percentage goes for the "fluff" of this Earth that will be burned up one day? What percent is spent in investment in eternity (e.g. giving to missions projects)?

What about your time? Is your priority the time given to your local church - worshipping, serving and fellowshipping as God's word teaches us - or is it spent in places where you'd be ashamed for Christ to accompany you? Remember: He does; He's with you everywhere.

Who are your primary companions in life? When you have a problem and need a sound listening ear, do you consult a believer who will help you discern God's will for yout life? As the Old Testament teaches us, "in a multitude of counselors is safety." Are you "unequally yoked" in your dating relationships and friendships? While we should witness to unbelievers, they shouldn't be our "go-to" people are those with whom we build our lives, nor should we allow our time with them to compromise our behavior standards.

What about the talents God has given you? Are you employing them to serve His church and His Kingdom? We need to be balanced. For example, there's nothing wrong with being in a "garage band" for fun in your spare time. But if God gifted you to sing or play an instrument, a local church should also be the beneficiary of that talent.

I encourage you today, to make and keep God as the center of your Solar System.