[CF Devotionals] 2011-10-30 - 1st John

The Epistles of John ~ Outline

Truth is missing from today's culture. And the greatest attacks on truth are attacks against God's truth. And the most insidious ones are the ones from within Christendom, attacks against the orthodox foundations of the gospel, the truths of the scripture. But this is nothing new. This problem has been going on since the birth of the church. In fact, it is this kind of attack that John is concerned with in his epistles, so ...

With this devotional, we are going to start a series of studies in the Epistles of John. The study will take about 16 lessons. As we will see, much of what is said here will remain true for both Second and Third Johns. The areas to be examined include the authorship, background, dating, and purpose of the letter. I will give you one outline of the book. Finally, we will examine John's own introduction to his first epistle. This is found in the first four verses of Chapter 1.

  1. Introduction
    1. Author
    2. Background
    3. Dating
    4. Purpose
  2. Prologue

Verses 1-4

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