[CF Devotionals] 2011-10-11 - The Final Period of Nineveh

Part 18 ~ Nahum

Verses 18-19: The fall seems to start within the government. The leaders, shepherds, are asleep at the switch. They know when the going is good, and so they have fled, leaving the nation leaderless. But in reality, it had always been leaderless, for when the leaders of a people move away from God, they have lost the right to be leaders.

But the leaders are not the total problem. When leadership is leading in the wrong direction, it is still the responsibility of the people to move in the right direction, not the wrong direction. When Christians chose to follow those who call them to disobedience of God, then they will reap the result of their choices.

And so where once was a great city, now there was nothing but an open wound. The end of Nineveh was just the final period. This nation had been a moral and spiritual disgrace for many years. Now her outward condition was consistent with what had been her inward one.

"Archeology has confirmed this fact. Peoples who had been oppressed by the brutally atrocious Ninevites would now rejoice in her demise. Judah especially would be greatly comforted by the fact that Nineveh's fall would mean the end … of the seemingly endless cruelty that had lasted for centuries. In this way the Lord would pour out His wrath … on Nineveh and demonstrate His care for those who trust in Him."

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