[CF Devotionals] 2011-10-09 - What Goes Around Comes Around

Part 17 ~ Nahum

Verses 12-17: Nahum uses a number of similes here to describe the fall of the nation. The city is being consumed. No matter how the nation prepares, she can do nothing to defend herself. She's like ripe fruit, just waiting to be shaken into the mouths of her enemies.

The military is like a bunch of women waiting to be taken. And the city is totally unprotected, with the gates wide open for the taking, their bars having been destroyed by fire. And as earlier in the prophecy, the nation is instructed in methods of self-preservation, but these steps will be useless.

First the people are instructed to gather water, a necessity to survive a siege. The wall work also needed to be repaired. After all, the walls would protect them from the attack of their enemies, right? Right!

Once the merchants of Assyria were like locusts, swarming over other nations, stripping them for the benefit of the Assyrians. The leadership of the nation also was locust-like in the destruction it wrought on others. But now the swarm was turning and destroying all that Assyria had accomplished. Where once she stripped others, now she was being stripped. Again, a case of "what goes around comes around."

To be continued.

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