[CF Devotionals] 2011-10-02 - Nineveh's Fate

Part 16 ~ Nahum

Verses 8-11: Nineveh is without excuse, not only because she had received the message of Jonah, but because she had the history of Thebes. God provides history as a warning, a call to repentance. Speaking of Thebes (No-Amon) Feinberg states:

"It was the capital city of the Pharaohs of the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Dynasties, and boasted such architecture as the Greeks and Romans admired. The Greeks called it Diospolis, because the Egyptian counterpart of Jupiter was worshiped there. It was located on both banks of the river Nile. On the Eastern bank were the famous temples at Karnak and Luxor. Homer, the first Greek poet, spoke of it as having one hundred gates. Its ruins cover an area of some twenty-seven miles. Amon, the chief god of the Egyptians, was shown on Egyptian relics as a figure with a human body and a ram's head. The judgment of this godless and idolatrous city was foretold by Jeremiah (46:25) and Ezekiel (30:14-16). No-Amon was situated favorably among the canals of the Nile with the Nile itself as a protection. The Nile appears as a sea when it overflows its banks annually. Nineveh can read her fate in that of No-Amon, for she is no better than the mighty Egyptian capital." 1

So, just as Thebes fell to Nineveh, so now Nineveh is to fall. And like a drunk, they can't think and don't know what to do. This confusion is the end result of all who would come against the Lord and those whom He would protect.

  1. Feinberg, Charles, L. The Minor Prophets, Moody Press, Chicago, IL, 1990

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