[CF Devotionals] 2011-09-29 - Thirst

Psalm 63

A Psalm of David, when he was in the wilderness of Judah.

1 O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water. (NASB)

I got home tonight after a busy and at times very trying day. A friend had just poured out her heart about the difficulty a family member is going through. I sat and listed asking just a few questions in the course of the conversation. I was dumbstruck more than once I have to admit. I realized as I was finishing my ride home how blessed I really am. With the issues I may encounter I have so pitifully little to complain about it is a shame that I would even open my mouth do to so.

It was already late and I had not eaten since lunch time. So I grabbed something quick and started to pull it together. I thought to myself of being hungry and thirsty and how good this bit of food was going to be. And then I heard a very quiet voice say, "What do you hunger for?" The question was not what did I want to eat or drink physically. Recently radio programs, and passages from books and people's comments have all been driving in a singular direction of understanding my place and an Ambassador for the Kingdom and how ill equipped I am. A thirst is being stirred up as topics overlap and build one on another.

What do I hunger for?

Imagine that you have an open invitation to a room that is free to enter and stay as long as you like. There are now large windows in addition to the door that leads into the room that is well lit and inviting. You may come and go as you please and share it with whoever you like. The first time you entered the space was dimly lit, the curtains were drawn and the furniture was covered. Over the first number of visits you opened the blinds and uncovered the tables and chairs and opened the bookcases. It is comfortable with books, music and other things to muse, not amuse, over. There are things to consider that raise your curiosity to seek for more each time you come. After the room was opened up you picked a book at random from the shelves and opened it. The text drew you in until you couldn't put it down. This continued moving from book to book and song to song.

There is also a locked door at the back of the room. Now and again you try this door and always find that it is locked, until today when the knob turns freely. You walk in and your footsteps echo into the dim lighting in this room. Carefully you walk along the wall and find a desk and chair. Just past the desk is a window with the curtains drawn. In the dusk just past that is a shelf with more books carefully bound and organized, waiting. Opening the curtains things in the immediate area become visible but the room is  much larger than the one you just left. On the desk you find a note informing you that this room is now also available to you. It is obviously larger that the first room. It is so much so that the visible walls go out into the dark and how far away the far corner sits is unknown. Even though all the questions from the previous room have not been answered what you have learned in there has created many new questions, a new thirst, understanding that there is so much more to learn that is just starting to be explored in this new room.

Just like the grades in school, as we move from one level to the next, our spiritual life has levels. They are not so clearly defined but they are there. Early on in school we are taught letters and numbers, then words and arithmetic, then we are given books and algebra with the process continuing. As we give our lives to Christ we learn the basics of His salvation and move deeper level by level as we grow.

I recently heard a college lecture on the radio speaking about relativism and how to identify it, understand it and counter the half truths it portrays. It was literally midnight and I couldn't turn off the radio. Every word demanded attention. Our church has been studying Psalms for over a year now. I thought it would be dry and dull and it has been anything but boring.

What is calling you? What grabs your heart and won't let go? Start with what interests you and start down that path to find your first room. The invitation to that room is from Jesus Himself. He wants to spend time with you. Open the door and the curtains and find the topic prepared for you in the books and recordings.

What do you thirst for?

Grace & Peace,

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