[CF Devotionals] 2011-09-25 - Nineveh's Behavior: God's Judgement

Part 14 ~ Nahum

And so the hand of God's judgment falls. But what is the real problem here? It isn't just the violence of Nineveh, but it is the fact that having once had the truth and now having rejected it, there is no further hope. God is their enemy.

These verses pick up where the previous section left off, with a picture of the battle against Assyria and its destruction. This is one of these passages that reads like a movie script. First, we hear the sound of whips, then wheels, then horses, and finally chariots. The army of the enemy is coming against Nineveh. The chariots are described as jumping, because they were passing over the bodies of the dead.

The sword of violence, once in Ninevite hands, is now in the hands of her enemies. Where once they piled up bodies of their enemies, now their own bodies lie in the streets. This is the judgment of God, carrying out the principle of "violence won is violence reaped."

Nineveh had whored after power and sold her military, as a way of bring other nations under her control. Johnson also believes this verse may have been referring to the idolatrous practices of the Assyrians.

"By this statement Nahum may have also subtly alluded to Ishtar, the Assyrian-Babylonian goddess of sex and war, who was called a harlot and some of whose exploits were acts of savagery." 1

  1. Johnson, Elliott E., The Bible Knowledge Commentary, Volume 1, "Nahum," Victor Books, Wheaton, IL., 1986, p. 1502

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