[CF Devotionals] 2011-09-17 - Whose Reflection Is in Your Mirror?

Originally Published 2007-09-07

Lisa Bevereu said "Adam and Eve were not the image of God, they were made in the image of God ... they reflected God (like a mirror). To be a reflection means that you can not initiate something, only mimic. We are reflections of Christ. He has to initiate Himself in us, not ourselves initiating our Christ-likeness within ourselves." This statement is so wonderfully full of the New Covenant promise, that is so easily forgotten. I believe it is because of our soul longing for the deeper things of God, while our humanity tries to tag along.

It is in this refreshing reminder that once again, I can come back to the place at the Cross where I can go just as I am - simply as I am, with all of my human tendencies and natures, knowing that I do not have to be the one to do the work - and moreover, God doesn't want me to do the work. He wants to do the work inside me that produces the fruit of His glory in my life. It is in this moment, that I again remember that I don't have to try to be like God.

That is not what God intends for us. Instead, truly, our goal is to surrender ourselves and allow God to initiate Himself ... His thoughts, actions, and deeds within us. I believe that it is in this moment of complete submission, that we become the reflection of Christ. It is here where others see past us and can begin to see and hear Christ instead. So let us once again go to the Cross and lay down our all in full submission, yielding every part of ourselves to the Lord.

Father, I thank You for dying on the Cross, so that we may have life abundantly through You. Thank You for the gentle reminder that it is truly about You having Your way in and through our lives. Help us to remember that we do not need take control, but rather to surrender - and in so doing, reflect Your majestic glory. Thank You for this day and Your grace and mercy that is new everyday. In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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