[CF Devotionals] 2011-09-01 - The Hummingbird

Prov.23:18 Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.

Question To Consider: How is God trying to show you that He cares about what you're going through? What events in your daily life has He used, recently, to remind you that He offers new hope and a future?

The hummingbird lay motionless in my hand. He'd been rescued by my Dad, after falling into our swimming pool. I'd been startled when Dad brought me the tiny creature, as I sat moping on the living room couch. I could feel his tiny heart beating, but he didn't show any other signs of life.

We called a local wild animal specialist, who advised us on what to do. "He's probably just stunned," she said. "If you got him out of the pool immediately, he should perk up in a few minutes." I wasn't very encouraged by her words. He seemed pretty lifeless to me, and he was so small and fragile.

"God, please don't let him die," I prayed silently. I didn't think I could handle another loss. The night before, I'd spent tearful hours grieving over a beloved friend's betrayal. The coming of a new day had not changed my mood. I couldn't seemed to shake feelings of exhaustion and sadness. Now, this beautiful, fragile creature was dying in my hand.

As the minutes passed, I began to notice slight movements. Soon, the tiny bird was taking sips of sugar water from an eye dropper. Slowly, he began to flutter his wings. Within half an hour of his rescue, my parents and I took the hummingbird back outside, and smiled as he flew away. He seemed as good as new.

God's message to me that day was as clear as the sky that welcomed my little friend. Just as the dove brought Noah hope of dry land and a new beginning, the drowning hummingbird brought me a message of hope from God, as well. Just as God sees the sparrow when it falls (or the hummingbird in this case), God knows exactly what is going on in my life at every moment. Just as He strengthened and restored that tiny bird when it was at its lowest point, He strengthens and restores me when I feel sad and discouraged.

God can restore and heal us, no matter how bad things seem. Just as He healed one of the smallest of His creations and allowed it to fly again, He can heal our hearts and allow us to experience new energy and soaring joy.

Dear Lord, thank You for healing and restoring us. Help us to remember that there is always hope for a brighter future, when we trust You.

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