[CF Devotionals] 2011-08-07 - Nahum 2

Part 9 ~ God's Judgment

Verse 10: “She is empty, and void, and waste” The original is strongly emphatic; the words are of the same sound; and increase in their length as they point out great, greater, and greatest desolation. hqlbmw hqwbmw hqwb Bukah, umebukah, umebullakah. She is void, empty, and desolate."1

Verses 11-13: Mathew Henry summarizes these verses this way: "The kings of Assyria had long been terrible and cruel to their neighbors, but the Lord would destroy their power. Many plead as an excuse for rapine and fraud, that they have families to provide for; but what is thus obtained will never do them any good. Those that fear the Lord, and get honestly what they have, shall not want for themselves and theirs. It is just with God to deprive those of children, or of comfort in them, who take sinful courses to enrich them. Those are not worthy to be heard again, that have spoken reproachfully of God. Let us then come to God upon his mercy-seat, that having peace with him through our Lord Jesus Christ, we may know that he is for us, and that all things shall work together for our everlasting good."2

Nahum shifts to the poetic form, using the lion to create an allegory. What do lions generally represent? The lion could be the king and the lioness his wife, and so we could be talking about the royal family. Others believe Nahum may be picturing the Assyrian military which had been used to ravage her enemies. But, in either case, the royal family or the military will be destroyed. The aggressor is pictured as destroying his "prey" to provide for the needs of his family. The picture is one of destruction and violence. The predator now becomes the victim. The destroyer is destroyed. The principle never changes. The den, the capital Nineveh, will be destroyed.

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows" (Galatians 6:7). This chapter ends with the most terrifying words one can hear. God states that He is against Nineveh. There can be no hope for the enemies of the Lord. "The voices of your messengers will no longer be heard," and history has shown that these voices have been silenced.

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To be continued. Next week: The conclusion of Nahun 2

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