[CF Devotionals] 2008-04-19 - Nothing Surprises My Father

When we walk through the various trials and tribulations we must walk through in this life, there is nothing more important to remember, than that nothing will surprise God. No, nothing at all.

I have learned this lesson many times over in my life, yet He chose to remind me again this past February. On February 10th, I had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, as I was unable to keep anything on my stomach, including my medication. This happens to me about every six months, so I was not expecting anything different to happen. Was I ever surprised! The doctor did an endoscopy procedure to look into my stomach (I've had many of these), and he found varicose veins growing in my stomach and esophagus. He said that if I had not gotten to the hospital when I did, I could have possibly bled to death. I fell apart. I had to have immediate surgery to remove my spleen (which upon removal, the varicose veins went away immediately).

After my surgery, I asked God why this came as such a surprise. After all, I had an endoscopy just in June 2007, and there were no varicose veins then ... where did they come from? I could not understand where He was when these terrible things were growing in my stomach. Did God ever start dealing with my heart! He said, "Tam, do you think for a minute that your diagnosis came as a surprise to me? Do you think I turned my back, and all of sudden you were afflicted with something that caught me by surprise? No, my child, I am not surprised. I have not been caught off-guard or off-duty. I Am your omniscient (all-knowing) God. My understanding is infinite, while yours is finite. 'Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever not occurred to Me?'"

Job said it so clearly in chapter 31 verse 4, "Does He not see my ways and number all my steps?" In all of Job's afflictions, God knew beforehand - and allowed each affliction. He did not turn his back on Job, only to turn back around with a surprised gasp! Certainly not!!

No, my friend, nothing surprises my Father.


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