[CF Devotionals] 2011-03-03 - Depth of a Relationship

Prov 17:17 A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity. (NASB)

A good friend of mine lost her newborn child within 24 hours of her daughter's birth. She said something to me that may never leave me. She said, "If you want to know who your real deep down friends are, lose a child." She made it clear that the others in her life that she counted as friends she still  indeed counted as friends. But in that dark and awful moment in someone's life, do you have the courage and the heart that is required to go and stand with them? If you can you are that brother born out of adversity that my friend knows.

There are no words for a loss like the loss of a child, a parent, a close friend or a spouse - even when there has been a preceding injury or illness that sounds the warning the impact is profound. There is often nothing to say or words that bring comfort. There is solace in knowing that person is at home with Jesus and is well and whole again. But just being there speaks volumes to someone about the fact that you're on their side and willing to walk this dark road with them as much as you can do that. Being a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a pair of hands to help with whatever needs to be done, of just to sit with them means that they are not alone.

One other facet to this thought: If someone speaks ill of you, have lived so that no one believes them. Even if you live an exemplary life it is often easier for an accusation to stick than you might imagine. There are a few people who will stick with you and believe the best of you discounting the accusation. There are also the people who will stand with you even if the accusation is true and never change their opinion of you.

God knew the truth about humanity - we were His enemies rebelling against Him.. And even in that time His took on human flesh, was born like all of us, lived a sinless life to die in our place to save us - while we as a race, His creation, had walked away (Rom 5:6-8). Have someone important to you walk away from your relationship with no intention of returning and continue to love them. Jesus did, and he came back and shed His blood to save us. Selah.

The depth of a relationship often begins in the good times, but it is truly forged in the darkest moments of our lives.

Grace & Peace,

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