[CF Devotionals] 2011-02-24 - He's Waiting for You

This song was written many years ago but it still rings with meaning for me. Music has tremendous potential to teach in a very retainable format. This song reminds me when things are very difficult, when I've blown it, that I'm not alone.

Jesus left Heaven and hid his power and glory from us for the most part during his earthly life. He gave us glimpses we know as miracles. Calming the storm - power over the weather; changing water in to wine - power over the elements; raising Jairus' daughter, the Centurion's servant, Lazarus from the dead and His own resurrection - power over death.

He created the universe from nothing with His commands. So why did He put aside his glory and put on our frail human flesh?

We had clouded the truth so badly that the Ten Commandments were considered something that could be followed in our human strength. If you followed the rules as they had been broken down, a person could be worthy of heaven on his own.

From the beginning it was clear that even when given innocence and one rule to follow we couldn't get that right. Just like Adam and Eve, so it is with us today. We who believe still stumble in our thoughts and actions as much as we may desire to honor Jesus Christ with our lives at all times.

He showed us that God cared enough to send His Son to live with us and turn us back to the right path. He came to show us the way home - that we couldn't do it ourselves. He came to pay the price for sin and conquer death and Hell. He showed us the heart of God full of mercy and grace.

The best news mankind ever heard was Jesus on the cross crying out, "It is finished!" The victory had been won. His call to us is, "Come, follow me." The journey of a lifetime starts with a single step. Ask Him to forgive the things you've done wrong and for Him to be your Savior. If you have questions, please write any one of us. And do it today. Nobody is promised tomorrow.

Whether you're already walking the road or not, the journey begins and ends with Him. He's waiting for you.

Grace & Peace,

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I'm Waiting for You

I've walked this road
So very long ago
To show the way
So you would know
I've walked the road
With holes in my hands and feet
To make the way
Come follow me

No you are not alone
You will be free indeed
The journey begins and ends
With me
One million miles
It starts with a step or two
What are you waiting for?
I'm waiting for you

You've run the race
Thinking you've almost won
Then you may fine
You've only begun

You're on the road
Thinking you're far from here
And suddenly find
You're very near


Words and Music: Michael W Smith, Sam Mullins, David Mullin
© Seat of the Pants Music;Word Music, LLC;Deer Valley Music;Sony/ATV Milene Music; From the Album I'll Lead You Home, © 1995 Reunion Records