[CF Devotionals] 2010-12-26 - What Would a Wise Man Say?

What Would They Say Series #1

Today starts a new series I am excited about and look forward to hearing your take on it. Each devotional is told from the viewpoint of a Biblical person, what they probably thought and felt. The characters share how they probably reacted when they needed to trust God, believe for a miracle, or sought wisdom; all issues we still face.

Matthew 2:7-12

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. (Matthew 2:10)

Fellow scholars and I were traveling to worship the young King of the Jews. During our journey, we received a request from King Herod to meet with us. He inquired when we first saw the star, and was very particular on the exact time of our heavenward discovery. Herod told us the child could be found in Bethlehem. Finally. Now our voyage could continue. Herod wanted us to come back and tell him where the child was, so he could worship him also.

When we started traveling again, we saw the star, a constant companion on our journey. Personally, I could not take my eyes off the star. It gave me the energy and determination to continue. We followed the star to Bethlehem, where it hovered over the countryside; me and the other men were so elated. All the trials, hard work, and effort brought us to our destination.

We went into the house and found the child and Mary His mother. We bowed before them, worshiped them, and they opened our gifts of gold and the aromatic frankincense and myrrh. Our elation never ended. It was an experience none would ever forget. It was worth the long journey, to pay homage and reverence to the King of the Jews. We would never be the same. It was not our intention to be dishonorable, but we did not return to King Herod as he demanded. Instead, we took heed to a dream that warned my traveling companions and I to return home another way.

Lord, I will fulfill your perfect plan for my life. I will not doubt how special and loved I am by You. You will guide me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

When was the last time you looked at the stars? Take a moment and look at God's creations in the night sky.

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