[CF Devotionals] 2010-10-25 - The Beauty of Words

John 11:17-44

"Lord,"Martha said to Jesus, "if you had been here, my brother would not have died." (John 11:21)

Martha was brokenhearted after the loss of her brother Lazarus. She and sister Mary had friends to comfort them, but it wasn't enough. When Martha heard Jesus was finally on His way, she did not wait for Him to arrive at their home. Mary stayed with the friends and family while Martha went to meet Jesus.

When the grieving Martha caught up with Jesus, she nailed right into Him. She was not afraid to share her emotions, nor was she timid to show anger and disappointment. On one hand, she proclaimed her belief in Jesus as the ultimate healer, but she was angry He had not come sooner, according to her human timetable.

Jesus did not say He was sorry, just that Lazarus would live again. He did little to console the sister, and so she went to tell Mary that Jesus had arrived, for He was asking for her. The mourners noticed Mary leaving in haste, and thinking she was distraught, followed after her. Mary asked Jesus the same question her sister had, why hadn't He been there in their time of need. When Jesus noticed her and all the people weeping, He Himself started. Moved with grief, He asked to see where Lazarus was.

When Jesus gave the go ahead for Lazarus to be healed, Martha contradicted Him. She was about to get her brother back, and she stopped Jesus. Her priorities were askew, all right. She was thinking of the smell of Lazarus' body. He had been in that tomb for four days. Martha did not want the bad odor to make the mourners, or herself, uncomfortable.

Jesus was quick to point out her unbelief, and called for Lazarus to come out of the grave, and he did. Once Lazarus came out of the tomb, Martha forgot all about the horrible smell and focused on her brother, her living and breathing brother.

Not only did Jesus heal Lazarus, but that miraculous healing opened the mourners' eyes, and they began to believe in the Lord. Without the miraculous display, the mourners wouldn't have had the opportunity to personally know the Lord. Thankfully, Jesus' healing power was not limited by any human thinking.

Lord, When I hurt, You share in that injury. Please move in my present situations, to provide the solutions. I know You can make things right again. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

What if Jesus listened to Martha, and Lazarus didn't come forth. Would you see Martha in a different light?

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