[CF Devotionals] 2010-09-26 - The Eighth Commandment

The Ten Commandments ~ Part 45
Eighth Commandment, Part 1


I used to listen to a lot more “Christian” radio than I do now. I chose to listen to some of the “Faith” Teachers, Healers and generally people who, while claiming the name of Christ, were disseminating a lot of bad teaching. I guess it was a case of wanting to know what the enemy was doing. Of course, in those days most of the stuff was aberrant, but now it is heretical.

I remember one well-known radio evangelist who was sending out prayer cloths for a donation. Then, as prayers were miraculously answered, he would tell of the testimonies of the blessed. In one case, an individual testified how he had placed the cloth under his pillow - and the next day, he received a second welfare check by mistake. Wasn’t the Lord wonderful? The person gave to the ministry, and the Lord gave him multifold. Of course, the fact that he cashed a check he wasn’t entitled to, breaking the law, didn’t seem to phase him. The fact he gave the Lord credit, for providing him the opportunity to steal, was amazing. But he wasn’t stealing - was he? After all, the Lord sent him the check.

During our last study, we talked about the problem of adultery. This can also be perceived as another from of stealing. The adulterer is stealing what belongs to his or her spouse - faithfulness, love, etc.

We have all heard someone explain they were “maximizing” their deductions on their tax return, because the government gets too much of our money, anyway. Of course, the fact they are cheating and getting money that isn’t theirs isn’t a problem. After all, according to them, the IRS is ripping off everyone - so everyone uses creative financing.

The child who runs away from home without cause, doesn’t take advantage of the opportunities of an adequate education, is stealing from his or her future. And along the same lines, some feel that the deficit steals from our children’s future.

So, next, we are going to talk about give and take, or is that take or give?

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