[CF Devotionals] 2010-09-23 - War of the Worlds

Originally Published 2004-12-09

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (KJV)

On October 30th, 1938, Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater On The Air broadcast a drama depicting an invasion of the planet Earth by beings from the planet Mars. The portrayal of The War of the Worlds was so realistic that the country experienced hysteria on an unprecedented level, especially in the New York/ New Jersey area where the story was supposed to be taking place. There are stories of people committing suicide because they didn't want to be captured by the cruel alien invaders. I can not speak to the truth of these statements, but there was a great deal of unfounded panic. The second evening was prefixed with an announcement that the broadcast was indeed a drama and not an actual report of current events. There was no alien invasion.

The idea of war against an enemy that is so devastatingly technically superior would be frightening. But we live in that type of warfare daily, often with out realizing it and actually believing the contrary to be true. When we say, "I'll pray for you," we are almost apologizing because that is all we can do. Where if we pray in line with the will of God, we mobilize power that we can not imagine. In realms we don't see and likely can't completely grasp, angels struggle on both sides of the war for the souls of this world. We are told in the book of Daniel that the answer to Daniel's prayer was delayed by weeks because fallen angels blocked an angel of God from delivering that answer.

The battle lines are drawn from the foot of the cross of Calvary in the blood of Jesus Christ. There are armies and battles that we do not see everyday, and all around us. Consider that we are the "invaders" if you will permit me. Our hearts and our loyalty belong to Heaven. While we are living here, we are representatives of another political and spiritual kingdom. We bring the message of hope in the for of a gift from the King of that realm paid for and written in His blood. It is an invitation to surrender - to leave the side that can not win. This world will be destroyed with fire in the end, and it will be replaced with a new Heaven and a new Earth not marred by the fall of creation.

Does this sound outrageous to you? Read more of chapter 6 below the verse above and see if there are not a few more other-worldly ideas there. That may be one reason the world has such a hard time accepting the terms of surrender. They can't see and touch this kingdom we know to be very real, and the offer we know to be genuine. The best way they can come to understand the results is for the people around us to see the evidence in us. I've had a string of brutal days at work of late. But they could be worse. I know there is hope at the end of the road, even if it does not come at the end of the week. We have the hope that the world is desperately searching to find. We know the love and acceptance they that so many are hungry to know.

Give them a reason to want to surrender and know the peace that you know.

2 Cor 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; (KJV)

Grace & Peace,

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