[CF Devotionals]2010-01-27 - Running Away From Our Future

Jeremiah 18:11, “Oh, turn back, each of you from his evil way, and reform your ways and your deeds.”

We serve a holy God. Holiness is part of God’s nature, and if we desire to be in His Heaven, we must be holy. We must quit sinning, repent or burn. There are a lot of ways of saying this, and if we are honest, we know that we don’t simply quit sinning. We are sinners and so we look to Christ Who gives us His righteousness, which makes us holy. It is not our righteousness, but Christ’s righteousness, that makes us acceptable in God’s sight. But we are still responsible to quit sinning. If we continue in unrighteousness, we betray where our loyalties lie, and they are not with the Living God.

In the above verse, we have the phrases, “turn back,” and “evil way,” and thus this is a strong admonishment to us to flee from sin. What does it mean? We don’t need to be complicated here, because the meaning is simple: Stop sinning. If you are wandering from the Lord in some area of your life, turn back. If I might try to give you a window, child of God, into your future, I would emphasize that you are headed toward holiness. You will one day be with the Lord. The Lord is all holiness. When we sin, we are running away from our future. When God tells us to turn away from evil, he is telling us, in the areas of our lives that are not pleasing to Him, to do a 180.

Let us notice, also, whom this passage is speaking about: “Each of you.” Everyone is to turn from evil and follow holiness. Every man, woman, and child who claims to follow the Lord can (and should) claim this verse as their own. I know we are in the habit of claiming verses that we label ‘encouraging’ as verses for our lives, but what better verse to claim as a life verse than, one of repentance. Have you ever thought of that? “Each of you” excludes none reading this. We are all to root out sin in our lives, and replace it with the things of Heaven.

What is the sin that eats up the other sins in your life? Here is what I am asking…which sin is so prominent in your life, that you can’t focus on the other sins, which you know are there, because you are so consumed with this one prevailing sin you struggle with? This is the sin I have in mind. Here the Lord is speaking to us and saying, “Repent of this sin. Turn back from doing this evil. Reform this one area of your life.” I will grant that the verse is admonishing us to turn from all sin, but today I have in mind a focus in one area – the besetting sin on your mind right now. Besetting sins can weigh us down. The Lord gives us the solution here and in numerous passages of Scripture (1 John 1). The solution is to turn away from the sin that dogs our prayer life, our Bible reading, our relationships, conscience, heart, and all of life. Sorrow over wasted opportunities relating to this sin. Grieve that God is grieved when you give in to what you know is only wickedness. Bring forth fruits in keeping with repentance, which includes remorse for this dishonor done to God in your rebellion. Then, my friend, “reform your ways and your deeds.”

Soli Deo Gloria,

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