[CF Devotionals] 2010-01-23 - Giving Light

Hebrews 13:16, “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

The above verse speaks about doing good and sharing. Every Christian should have this inward principle active in their hearts. We ought to do good to others, and not evil. We ought to share with others, knowing that the Lord has given all we have to us. I picked the topic title “giving light,” because I would like to emphasize another kind of sharing. I have in mind that if we have been given light, spiritual light or insight, into the things of God, then we ought to share that with others. It is not given us for ourselves only, but rather to be shared. One thing that is true about all the gifts of God, and I would again emphasize the spiritual here, is that they are not given to us to be selfish with them. God does not give to us so that we may hoard what He has given. Rather, He gives that we, in turn, can give the light we have been given to others.

Let us note that when we give to others of the spiritual things given to us, we lose nothing. In material things, it is not always this way. If I have ten french fries and I offer you five, then I only have five left, if you accept the offer. However, if I have been given grace, or an insight into God’s mercy, and I share it with you, I have not lost any of the grace. It is rather confirmed and further established in myself, and now also in you. In spiritual things, we are benefited when we give to others. It is not only good for them; it is also good for us.

When God called you by His grace into relationship with Himself, it was with a view to you, but it was also with a view to others. Your salvation has a lot of hooks in it, by which you may draw in many more to the grace that you have received. God’s mercy to you is also a mercy to your family, neighbors, children, friends, and society at large. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you are changed, and you can now be a blessing to others in a way that pleases God. The second is that you can now share the grace that you have been given. Both are true, and both remind us that God’s grace is to be shared.

You must not keep the comfort that God has given you to yourself. You must not hoard what you have been given. What happened when the Israelites hoarded manna? What became of the manna when they kept it over to the next day? When they kept it to themselves, it stank then next morning. So it is with our joy in Christ. If we hoard it to ourselves and keep only to ourselves the light that we have been given, it will breed worms and stink. God’s mercy is to be scattered abroad, and the means that He uses, with the blessing of the Holy Spirit, is His children. How do you lose the comfort and joy of your salvation? Keep to yourself. Let it fester inside of you, and your joy will be turned to sorrow and your dancing into mourning. How do you increase the light given to you by the Lord? Give it away. Share it with others – always be giving light.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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