[CF Devotionals] 2009-12-18 - Spas of the Scriptures

Part 1

OK before you go any further take this little test. Use only your memory not your Bible.

Does the Bible say:

  1. Adam and Eve had three sons?
  2. All the animals went on the ark in twos?
  3. Jesus was born on December 25 - Christmas Day?
  4. The wise men came to the stable in Bethlehem?
  5. There were three wise men?
  6. Jesus was a carpenter?
  7. Judas Iscariot went to Hell?
  8. "It is better to give than receive"?
  9. The streets of Heaven are paved with gold?

Answer all of them before going any farther.

Congratulations on all your YES answers - you have obviously listened very well to preachers and teachers. But you haven't carefully read what the scriptures say. If you answered YES to anything then my challenge is prove it - prove the statement by scripture.

Here's what the Bible says:

  1. Adam and Eve had 3 sons - after Seth Adam had more sons and daughter (Gen 5:4).
  2. Animals went on Ark in 2's- nope some were in 14s - 7 pairs (Gen 7:2,3)
  3. Jesus was born on Christmas - probably was not winter since shepherd were out with sheep in the fields. Also doing the math it is possible to estimate the birth date of Christ and no estimate I have seen ever places it in the winter months. but these estimates are also merely speculation based on scripture
  4. The wise men came to the stable in Bethlehem - the wise men came to a house (Matt 2:9-11)
  5. There were three wise men - Matthew 2:11. Eight may have given gold, two given him frankincense, and four others given him myrrh. We do not know how many wise men there were or even the number of gifts only the number of types of gifts. It may have even been two men. One gave a gold box filled with frankincense and another given a gold jar of myrrh. The word men only implies more than one. The wise men came bearing three gifts frankincense, myrrh and gold.
  6. Jesus was a carpenter - only says he was son of one. (Matthew 13:55)
  7. Judas Iscariot went to Hell - (Luke 22:3, John 13:2) said Satan possessed him but later only that he repented returned the money and hung himself. (Matt 27:1-5)
  8. It is better to give than receive - good idea and though argument could be made that with loving neighbors as yourself and the golden rule that this is a good idea, it is not in the Bible. not mentioned only that God loveth a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7)
  9. The streets of Heaven are paved in gold - three wrongs. Only one street is mentioned. It is pure gold not paved or covered with gold. It is not in Heaven but in new Jerusalem that comes down to earth (Rev 21:21)

These are all common mistakes that many of us believe are true based on tradition rather than scriptures. Often more serious error has been introduced into the church, with solid Scriptural "proof". A bunch of verses are quoted, so we assume the position must be right. Have we checked to see if the verses are used in context and how they fit into the rest of Scripture?

To be continued...


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Note: this begins another series based on a message preached almost eight years ago (12/31/2001).

All scripture references from KJV unless otherwise noted