[CF Devotionals] 2009-12-09 - Wounds from Sin

Jeremiah 30:17, “‘For I will restore you to health, and I will heal you of your wounds,’ declares the Lord.”

The Lord often treats sin as a disease. If He were to treat it as it deserves, and call us before Him to give an account, we would be without hope, if left to ourselves. In Christ, we are delivered from the power of sin. Jesus looks upon us compassionately and treats His children, not as we deserve, but as if our wounds were things to be healed rather than punished. We transgress of heart willfully, but the Lord restores us to health. Such is God’s great mercy to us in Christ. Sin is abnormal. It is like a cancerous growth that should not be in the soul. The curative is Christ. He alone is the health restorative for sin-sick souls.

There is no disease which causes more pain than sin. Most of us are conscious of our sins, and those of us who are walking with Christ find that confession is something we cannot live without. Yet sin not only causes pain; it also really injures us. Sin prevents the full enjoying of this life, and will keep us from enjoying life with God in Heaven. Thus sin, sin that remains unforgiven, is also fatal. The end of sin is death. Unless the Lord restores us to health, and heals our wounds, we are in deeper waters than we can swim in – and there are sharks everywhere, ready to devour. Sin is the death of our peace. It is the end of joy. Sin ruins the prospects and hopes of this life and the life to come. It is a fatal disease. We must believe it to be so, and then we must believe into Christ, who is the only cure for sin.

We might consider here, for awhile, the sufferings of the Messiah for our sins. It is something that is worthy of frequent and deep meditation. I encourage you to do so. Let us here just think of one element of Christ’s sufferings. He was alone in them. We might know something about what it is like to feel alone, and it is different than being alone by choice. Feeling alone is when there is no one to whom we might call, or go to in our time of need. Christ was alone in His sufferings. Even the martyr, while alone on the stake waiting for the fires to be lit, is not alone. God sustains him, and many can even rejoice in the midst of pain. (I put this in the present tense. Let us never forget that everyday, even today, many will die the martyrs’ death because of their commitment to Jesus Christ.) Jesus did not have the comfort of the Father in His sufferings. He was forsaken by His Father, Matt. 27:46.

But it is Christ Who heals us. He has taken sin upon Himself – the sins of all who trust Him. He restores us to health and heals the wounds of our sins. Our faith does not heal, but faith in Christ does heal, because Christ is the One Who heals our wounds from sin.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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