[CF Devotionals] 2009-11-29 - Walking on Sunshine

Isaiah 2:5, “Let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

I encourage you to read verses 1-5 of this chapter in Isaiah. It is the wonderful passage where swords are beaten into plowshares. and spears into pruning hooks. It has important eschatological implications that nobody agrees about. I thought about just skipping the theological debate, and looking at this practical advice from the prophet. Let us walk in the light of the Lord.

The distinction between light and darkness is all over the Bible. It starts in Genesis 1:4 and continues throughout. We probably know the punchline, that light is good, and dark is bad. Even if we have only watched the movies, we know this. But God’s Word tells us that the Lord brings light into our lives. He shows us our darkness, our sin, our transgressions … our crimes against His holiness. He does this by shedding light upon these things, and the light shows us a better way. A way that is more pleasing to Him, and better for us all around. How does He do this? Probably many ways, but the two that get the most press and are clearly noted in Scripture, are the Spirit and the Word. As we study the Word, learn from God’s Word, and as the Spirit applies God’s Word to our lives…then we live in the light. The light is found in looking to Christ, but it is applied by the Spirit.

Charles Spurgeon tells the story of an Irishman who had recently been converted to Christ. His priest told him that he best not read the Bible, because it had led many young/inexperienced believers astray. He said, “I will bring the milk of the Word and will bring it to you.” The new believer replied, “I will be very much obliged if you do so; but, still, I mean to keep a cow myself, and so I shall be sure to get the milk pure.” We need to cultivate such a mindset ourselves. It is important to listen to the wisdom of others, as they seek to draw out truths from God’s Word. The insights of others are often very helpful, but we also must be Acts 17:11 Christians – Berean Christians – who “received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see if these things were so.” That, my friends, is walking in the light of the Lord.

Let us do so. It will appear in our lives, if we do. We are to be students of God’s Word, take what we glean there, and apply it to our daily lives. One thing that light indicates in Scripture is knowledge. Darkness is an indicator of ignorance. If we would have true wisdom, knowledge of God and of ourselves (as John Calvin put it, in the first paragraph of his Institutes), then we must look to the place where we can find light: The Word of God. For anyone who desires to have the best conduct, most joy, happiest life, and eternal security, I can point you to no better place, and no wiser habit, than to be a student of God’s Word. I would go as far as to say that you will have these things – things greatly to be desired – in direct proportion, as you study the Bible. This is walking in the light of the Lord.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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