[CF Devotionals] 2009-11-25 - Getting Ready

Revelation 11:12, “And they heard a loud voice from  Heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here.’”

The verse applies to the two prophets in the chapter, but have you ever considered your entrance into Heaven? Some day, we will have the notice given to us, “Come up here.” It might be sudden and unexpected, or it could be after a long illness, but one day, we will be called to be with the Lord. It is a glorious thought. The struggles, temptations, trials, and worries of this life will be over, and we will be with Jesus, like Jesus, and knowing perfect peace. Come up here…we are not allowed to hasten it. We do everything we can to preserve life, but when God calls, then we go, and we go joyfully.

The first thing to assure ourselves, is that when we leave this life we will have such a call. The alternative is not attractive, “Go down there.” We ought to make the certainty of this matter a thing of resolution in our lives. Are we sure that the call will come for us to join the heavenly chorus, rejoicing with all the saints? Maybe we give it a 50/50 chance…not good enough…not good enough at all. It is wisdom to make our future call sure. It is foolishness to wait, or hesitate, or rely on “maybe.” In this case “maybe” isn’t good enough. “Be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choosing you,” 2 Peter 1:10.

There is another kind of calling, also, that is not mentioned in this verse. It is the calling of those who have gone before. I don’t really think that those we have known can call us to Heaven, but there is a sort of calling in our hearts. Think of someone who admonished you when a child, to follow Christ and come to trust Him for all your hope. It might be a mother, grandmother, friend, pastor, brother, or sister – they have now gone to be with Jesus, but you still remember their words. You still remember how they used to caution you about the danger of living outside of Christ. You maybe can hear the inflection in their voice right now. They also, in some manner, are calling you. They have given you a warning, but also positive advice to seek the Lord. Are you? Only you know. Only you know if your relationship with Christ is on par with the idea that they were seeking to communicate to you. Either way, they are still calling you by their past counsel. You still hear their voice, and their guidance is still with you, long after they have gone to Christ.

Lastly, consider that our words to others might also function as a call to them. Our very words may still ring in their minds, after we are gone. This truth makes it clear that we must speak the things of Christ one to another. We have to say the words ourselves, of admonition to others, maybe others who might not receive it well when we say it. Our words are likely to function as a call to them, when we are not around. Our words can be, and often are, a call to them to seek the Lord while He may be found. Let us be often speaking to others concerning the things of Christ, and the Spirit may use our words long after we can no longer speak. How blessed it would be to still be used by the Lord in the lives of others, long after we are already in His presence.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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