[CF Devotionals] 2009-06-29 - Pray: The Four-Letter Word We Should Use

At times, it may be difficult to avoid hearing offensive four-letter words, but there are some words God intended for blessing and peacefulness. Today, we'll look at the four-letter word pray that can help us stay more grounded, and learn more about God's goodness and the importance of positiveness.

Ouch! Oh no I thought, please don't let it be what I fear it is. The pain comes and goes, but today it seems worse. I have a tiny microscopic cavity; the more I focus on it, the more the pain shoots in my mouth, causing more discomfort. I called the dentist, explained the situation, and now I have an appointment in four hours.

I dread going to the dentist. It is not this particular dentist, but the noise, pain and discomfort. I dislike the reason for my appointment - a cavity. As a kid, a cavity was just as bad as getting a poor grade on a test.

I am thankful for a dentist, when I think of the alternative, and try to calm down my nervous stomach. I know what to expect, could that be the problem? Or part of me doesn't know what to expect. Either way, this is not the way God created me to act.

I prayed I could be a blessing, despite my trepidation, and that God would be with me. I also prayed He would supernaturally heal the cavity, so I wouldn't have to go - but God declined that request, so before I leave for the dentist's office, I read Psalm 42. I wasn't in dire straights as the authors, sons of Korah, but I related to the words. I too was desperate for the Lord. I needed His compassion and calmness, to not let an appointment turn me into an ineffective witness for Him. My hope had to be in God. It was not an option.

Father, I don't want fear in my life, so show me how to break the power it has on me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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