[CF Devotionals] 2008-12-08 - The Ideal Volunteer

(Genesis 6:5-22, 8:15-22)

There never seems to be a shortage of tasks to be done in a church ministry. Whether it is stuffing bulletins to filling the choir, it takes committed people. Just when I did not think I could take on one more task, I was asked if I would like to teach fourth grade Sunday school. My initial reaction was not of excitement - but dread. Did they really want me? Perhaps I was mistaken for another Lisa.

I was far from acting like Noah, when he was told to build an ark. Noah didn't grumble or complain when God gave him the directions on how to build an ark, a vessel Noah had never seen before. At that time there was a problem. The Earth's inhabitants were corrupt and ignoring the Lord. God picked Noah as the solution, for he was the only honorable man. (Genesis 6:9) He and his family were a breath of fresh air from the rest of the violent world.

Noah did not have access to all of God's plan, but he was obedient, and built the ark as instructed. Noah's act of trust allowed him and his family to be safe from the deadly and destructive flood the Lord brought to wipe out the ungodly people. Noah and his family of seven, and innocent animals, were the only ones to survive. Later, the Lord made a covenant with Noah that He would never bring that type of destruction again. (Genesis 8:21-22)

I told the Sunday school director I would think about the offer. She promised the preparation time would be minimal, the activities' materials would be provided, and she would be next door if I needed her. I put aside my fear and trepidation, and like Noah, accepted the call.

The experience wasn't without unruly kids and discipline issues. There were also moments when the students paid attention and were enthusiastic about the lesson, instead of the mid-morning snack awaiting them.

Now that my teaching days are behind me, I am grateful for the experience to stretch my trust muscles, and appreciative for the opportunity to put more confidence in God rather than myself.

Lord, I use Solomon's words as my prayer today. I will trust in You with all of my heart, and I will not lean on my own understanding. In all my ways, I acknowledge You, God, and You will make my paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


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