[CF Devotionals] 2008-11-27 - Everyday Thanks

Thanksgiving Day - 2008

When we're looking for things to be thankful for it's easy to see the big things. When our lives are fairly stable the routine things of life become a wallpaper that our lives walk past every day. When life is hard the routine things of life become buried under the struggles.

The big things in life are easy to see. Newlyweds can easily be thankful for their new spouses. Cancer survivors are thankful for their health, more so than most of us can imagine I believe. It can take a concerted effort to see and appreciate the routine blessings of life. We take them for granted.

I challenge everyone to slow down and look around and listen - to the laughter of children, to be able to see the sun, the moon and the flowers, and feel the warmth of sunshine. I gained a real appreciation for this in middle school when I met a friend who was blind. At first I avoided pointing out things I felt only a sighted person could appreciate. We were looking at pictures of famous paintings and Laura told me she could feel the colors. I never held anything back after that. I'm thankful for that experience.

Paul and Silas gave sang praises from a basement jail cell with their ankles in chains. They were thankful that they were permitted to suffer for the cause of Christ. If that seems like the logic is a little backwards, it is a matter of perspective. They were thankful to be considered worthy to suffer to promote the gospel. Seeing the blessing in the middle of suffering is difficult. But it is an example to us of seeing the things that we might miss - that might hide from our casual gaze.

The Pilgrims on Thanksgiving day had five kernels of corn at each seat at the table to remind them that they had been rationed to that level the previous winter - five kernels of corn for the day. It was a reminder of the blessing that they were still alive and free to worship as they chose.


Grace & Peace,

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