[CF Devotionals] 2008-10-21 - Ruth: Ruth’s Encounter with Boaz

Installment 28 ~ Chapter 3, Part 6

Verses 14-18: Unlike some of the modern commentators, Boaz was concerned for Ruth’s reputation. He instructs her to slip away, so no one would know she’d been there, and her reputation would be preserved. And so Boaz sends Ruth back to Naomi with a significant gift. When Ruth arrives back at home, Naomi asks a very strange question, which Huey comments on this way:

“Naomi’s question to Ruth (v.16) on the daughter-in-law’s return seems strange: “Who are you, my daughter?” (lit. tr. of Heb.; cf. v.9, where “my daughter” is omitted from the question). It could be understood as initial lack of recognition in the early morning darkness. The meaning of the question, however, probably is “How did it go?” (NIV). An interesting suggestion by Sasson (in loc.) is that the question means “Who are you now?” i.e., “Are you still Mahlon’s widow or are you Boaz’s wife?” This interpretation is supported by the reading in the Qumran Cave 2 ….” 6

Ruth tells Naomi all that has happened. And in turn, Naomi encourages Ruth. She knows that Boaz will act with all expediency. In fact, she expects he will begin the resolution of all questions before the day ends. But to find out the results, you’ll have to read the next installment.

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